Resources to Navigate Employment With PGC

As a client or worker of PGC, you have access to our internal resources including workforce management tech to view work projects, timesheets, and paystubs; along with additional educational resources on the US employment market including; healthcare plans, employment compliance laws, and more. Have a look!

Log in to Precision Portal

Access and manage your personal Precision profile with PGC. Submit and review timesheets, view work project locations, and more.

Exclusive Toolkit for PGC Clients

Resources to help recruitment clients identify opportunities in the US staffing market, employment compliance updates, and guides on PGC’s services. Log in to access.

View US Paystubs

Log in to Paylocity to view your paystubs if you are engaged by PGC in the US.

View Canada Paystubs

Log in to Payworks to view your paystubs if you are engaged by PGC in Canada.

US Employer Sponsored Healthcare

If you enrolled in the healthcare plans offered by PGC, email for your link to review healthcare plan details on your coverage levels and premiums.

Visit PGC External Website

Find out more about PGC’s Employer of Record services and keep up to date with recent blogs, podcasts, and videos to help you succeed in the US and Canada.

Any Questions on Your Engagement With PGC?

As your Employer of Record, we have a Workforce Experience Team to answer your questions on your onboarding, payroll, healthcare benefits, timesheets, more. If you have a HR query, contact the team on:

  • 646-490-3600​

Any Questions on Navigating the US or Canadian Markets

As a client of PGC you have been assigned a dedicated Business Manager to help you succeed in North America. Reach out with any questions or to request extra support to navigate the employment landscape. You can also email our team on